Hans Uszkoreit

Sometimes I write about topics outside
my field.  Here are some recent examples:

"Wir können uns doch nicht an die Gleise ketten"
An article on the reluctance of some Germany colleages
to adopt the international Bachelor/Masters systems
(In German)

Transparenz, Evaluation und Wettbewerb
Heiße Eisen: schmieden oder meiden

An article on the problems that some of my
colleagues have with scientific evaluation
and their consequences (in German)

Die Macht der Fragen
An essay published in the German popular knowledge magazin PM
on the power of questions. We argue that questions drive
the creation and evolution of knowledge as well the
quest for new solutions and social progress. The essay
was written as a motivation for the dropping knowledge question

And now and then I write some poetry

These are some examples in German:

Ungefragt in der Abendwärme



Gegen Wind (Ein Gedicht nach alter Art)

Unerfahren, unerlebt

Barmix (Wissenschaft in der Dämmerstunde)

Nachtflug zur Liebe

Der lange Moment vor dem Augenblick

Warum ohne Dich?

Himmlischer Überfluß

Glück im Regen

And these are some pieces in English:

Fishing with Words at Yalong Beach

Dropping Knowledge, Mankind's College
(a song about dropping knowledge)

Gateway Island
(a personal message for Juliana on the
Island of