Hans Uszkoreit - Invited Lectures






Panel Presentation on AI in China at Trierer Gespräche (Trier Exchange) in Berlin, 3 December.


Co-Host of the AI Session of World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, 8 November.


Keynote at NETEASE AI Conference in Beijing, 21 September.


Lecture at Post-Doctoral AI Development Summit Beijing,15  September.,


Keynote at RAIC Conference in Tianjin, 10 July.


Keynote Nanjing AI Conference,  AI Technologies for Smart Manufacturing, 1 June. 


Keynote at China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services at National Convention Center in Beijing, 28 May


Keynote Lecture at GAITC 2018 in Beijing, 19 May.


Keynote Lecture at TCWorld 2018 Shanghai, 15 May.


Talk at the At the Formal Inauguration Ceremony, Joint Big Data Analytics and Management Center of Jing Dong, Lenovo and BUPT in Beijing, 18 January.




Keynote Lecture "Advances in Information Extraction and their applications in the medical sector", VPark AI Big Data and Life Science Seminar, December 12th 2017, beijing


Keynote Lecture "Learning Deep Interpretation: Applications that Use and Extend Knowledge" at the Zhongguancun Forum 2017, December 7th 2017, Beijing


Presentation on the Panel "Artificial Intelligence: Smarter World, Better Life", World Internet Conference, Wuzhen Summit, December 4th 2017, Wuzhen


Keynote Lecture "Knowledge, Intuition and Behaviour in AI Applications", China High Tech Forum, CHTF, November 17th 2017, Shenzhen


Keynote Lecture "AI Technology and Innovation based on Big Data", Founder Group Forum, October 24th 2017, Beijing


"Chancen und Risiken der KI" Seminar Staatliche Sicherheitsvorsorge in der Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik, September 28th, Berlin


Keynote Lecture "Open knowledge, corporate knowledge and the analytics of dynamic unstructured data", China Conference on Knowledge Graph and Semantic Computing CCKS, August 28th. 2017, Chengdu


Keynote Lecture "Combining machine learning and knowledge-based interpretation for business intelligence applications" CCAI 2017, July 22nd 2017, Hangzhou


Moderation of the Panel "The Technological Integration of Big Data and AI" at the Sino-German Smart Data Forum, May 17th 2017, Beijing


"Artificial Intelligence: From research to innovation" Talk at a joint Workshop of Leverton, SAP and DFKI, May 2nd 2017, Berlin


"Language Technology", presentation at a workshop of the Danish Parliament, March 28th, Copenhagen 


Keynote Lecture "Technology vs. Humanity? Artificial intelligence and the prospects it offers for business, society and humankind"

at ITB (Internationale Tourismus Börse) March 8th 2017, Berlin


Beitrag auf dem Podium: Gut informiert? Digitale Medien. Nationale Konferenz IT Sicherheit, February 14th, 2017, Berlin.


Language Technology: “Advances, Opportunities and Public Policies”, invited Talk at the Workshop of the European Parliamentary Research Service:
“Towards Equality in the Digital Age – Towards a Human Language Project”, January 10th, 2017, Brussels





Opening Keynote "Opportunities and Challenges for Language Technology in the New Era of AI" Conference Future and Emerging Trends in Language Technology FETLT 2016, 30 November 2016, Sevilla


"Trends and prospects for big data in AI" Lecture at the Xiamen Software Park, 24 November 2016, Xiamen


“Language Understanding cum Knowledge Yield”, Guest Lecture at the Institute for Automation at the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing, 23 November 2016, Beijing



Panel Contribution "Smart Data – im Spannungsfeld zwischen Datenschutz und wirtschaftlicher Nutzung" at Smart Data Jahreskongress 2016  Berlin 14 November 2016, Berlin


"The Common Round Platform" Workshop "IT-Anwendungen für Soziale Inklusion" of Vision Summit 2016 , 11 November 2016 in Berlin


"The Future or all Debate Platform" Closing Panel Vision Summit 2016 Berlin 11 November 2016


Panel Moderation „The future of AI and universal basic income“ at Data Natives 27 October 2016 in Berlin


Invited Talk: "Smart Data Web - Connecting data and extracting knowledge“ at Data Natives 2016, 27 October 2016 in Berlin

"Language Understanding cum Knowledge Yield" Google NLU Workshop 17 May 2016 London


"Technologies for Better Understanding" International Symposium Building Bridges-Breaking Barriers" 14 July 2016 in Baden-Baden





Keynote Lecture: "Smart Data Web - Datenwertschöpfungsketten für industrielle Anwendungen“ Big Data Summit der BITKOM, Hanau; 25. Februar 2015


Panel Presentation: Open-Source and Community Development for the Localization Industry and Research at GALA 2013, Sevilla; 23. März 2015


Invited Talk "Replicability and the sharing of resources and results in relation extraction" at IJCAI 2015 Workshop: Replicability and Reproducibility in Natural Language Processing, 26th July 2015


"Text Analytics" Human Language Technology Research Institute at the University of Texas at Dallas 31st July 2015


Invited Talk: "Syntax and Semantics in the Automatic Extraction of Relations from Texts" at HPSG 2015 in Singapore 9-11 August 2015


"Machine Learning in Relation Extraction" Qatar Computing Research Institute in Doha, Qatar 13 August 2015





Panel Presentation: Language Technologies and Linked Data at European Data Forum, Athens, Greece; 21. März 2014

Language Understanding for Learning Knowledge from the Web, 10Y Anniversary Event Google Zurich; 19. Mai 2014

Joint DFKI-Google Tech-Talk with Ben Gomes about Current and Future Trends in Search and Knowledge Technology and subsequent moderated discussion with audience and press, Google Berlin Office; 21 August 2014

Syntax and semantics in schema-driven n-ary relation extraction, Invited Talk with Feiyu Xu at New York University; 10. Oktober 2014
Approaches to Filtering automatically acquired patterns for n-ary relation extraction, Invited Talk with Feiyu Xu at Columbia University, 09. Oktober 2014

Syntax and semantics in schema-driven n-ary relation extraction, Google Tech Talk (with Feiyu Xu) at Google New York; 13. Oktober 2014





Translation Quality Metrics for Human and Automatic Translation, Tralogy 2013, Paris; 17. Januar 2013

Opening Talk „Perspektiven und Strategien“ Deutscher Sprachtechnologietag, Berlin; 24. Januar 2013

Die deutsche Sprache im digitalen Zeitalter: Wo stehen wir? Deutscher Sprachtechnologietag; Berlin; 24. Januar 2013

A Strategic Research Agenda for Multilingual Europe, LT Web Workshop Rome; 25. Januar 2013

Maschinelle Übersetzung, Stand der Wissenschaft und eigene Forschung, Vortrag bei der Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg; 29.
Mai 2013


Language Technology for Big Data, Big Data Workshop Copenhagen; 30. Mai 2013


A New Model of Translation Quality Assessment (with Arle Lommel) Localization World, London; 14. Juni 2013


Syntax & semantics in the web-scale extraction of n-ary relations, LPIIS, Warsaw; 17. Juni 2013


Information Extraction, Vortrag bei Siemens AG München; 12. Juli 2013


Opening Talk META-FORUM 2013 Berlin; 19 September 013


Keynote Lecture: Big Data and Text Analytics, GSCL 2013, Darmstadt; 25. September 2013


Keynote Lecture: Linguistic Diversity in the Digital Age: Trends, Threats and Chances, Conference Unity in Diversity, Vilnius; 25. September 2013


Language Technology for Trial Recruitment, Workshop Innovation in Clinical Trials, Berlin; 24. Oktober 2013.


Attacking Quality Limitations: New Approaches to Translation Technologies, STOA Workshop beim Europäischen Parlament "State of the Art of Machine Translation: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities”; 03. Dezember 2013


Wissenschaftlicher Rück- und Ausblick, Symposium Symposium 'KI = Künftige Informatik: Die nächste Dekade”. Staatskanzlei Saarbrücken; 11. Dezember 2013





Three Main Talks at the Conference "Language Technology for Multilingual Applications" organized by the European Parliament, 27 January 2011 in Luxembourg


“Learning Relation Extraction Rules from Massive Data” Colloquium Talk, Carnegie Mellon University, 23. März 2012


Plenary Panel Moderation and Talk “One Size Does Not Fit All: Defining Quality to Support a Variety of Workflows” at GALA 2012

Conference in Monaco; 27. März 2012


“Language Technology for Europe: Chances, Needs and Plans” at CESAR/META-NET Roadshow Sofia, Bulgaria; 02. Mai 2012


Crosslingual Technology European Needs and Chances” at the Conference “Crosslingual Language Technology”, Hamburg; 04. Mai 2012


“High-Quality Research, New Language Resources and their Sharing” at Workshop on Advanced Treebanking at LREC 2012, Istanbul; 22. Mai 2012


“The META-NET Strategic Research Agenda: Overview, Preparation, Dissemination” at META-FORUM 2012, Brussels; 20. Juni 2012


“The Translingual Semantic Web – A Challenge for Language & Knowledge Technologies” at Dagstuhl Seminar “Multilingual Web” at Schloss Dagstuhl; 03. September 2012


“Language Technologies for a Better Understanding” at the Conference on Language, Technologies and the Future of Europe, Riga; 21. September 2012


“META-NET: Building the technological foundations of the multilingual European information society” at the Human Language Technology Days 2012, Warsaw; 27. September 2012


“Fighting against Quality Barriers for Machine Translation” at the IEEE 2nd International Conference on Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems (CCIS), Hangzhou; 31. Oktober 2012


“High-Quality Machine Translation” at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai; 09. November 2012


Panel Presentation on Hybrid Machine Translation, at the Second Workshop on Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Optimise the Division of Labour in Hybrid MT (ML4HMT-12) at COLING 2012 in Mumbai; 09. Dezember 2012




Keynote Lecture “Machine Translation in Europe - Present and Future” Japanese Workshop for Machine Translation, Feb. 23 2011 in Tokyo

Keynote Lecture “Learning Relation Extraction Grammars with Minimal Human Intervention: Strategy, Results, Insights and Plans” at CICling  2011,  Tuesday Feb 22 in Tokyo

“Language Technology and the Web” talk at the Grand Opening of the German/Austrian Office of the W3C at DFKI on 10 Feb 2011 in Berlin

Three Main Talks at the Conference "Language Technology for Multilingual Applications" organized by the European Parliament, 27 January 2011 in Luxembourg



Hans Uszkoreit Organization and Chair of a Panel "New Applications and Technologies in Automated Translation and their Implications for Quality" at The LISA Forum Europe on 13 Oct 2010 in Budapest

Keynote Lecture at EFNIL 2010 (Annual Conference of the European National Language Institutions), 3 November 2010 in Thessaloniki

Hans Uszkoreit Panel Presentation at Conferences Language and the Media 2010, 7 Oct 2010 in Berlin

Hans Uszkoreit Talk at ICT Conference 2010 in Brussels "Understanding of contents through understanding of languages" 28 Sep 2010

Hans Uszkoreit Invited Panel Presentation at the Workshop on Multi-word Expressions at COLING 2010 on August 28th 2010 in Beijing.

Hans Uszkoreit Opening Talk at DELPH-IN Summit 2010, 2 July 2010 in Paris




Keynote Lecture "Learning of positive and negative patterns for relation extraction" CCPR 2009 3rd Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition, Nanjing, 6 November 2009.

"Hybrid Machine Translation" Beijing Institute of Technology , Beijing 3 November 2009.

"Learning Relation Extraction Grammars with Negative Rules", Institute of Automation,

Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing 3 November 2009.

Keynote Lecture "Language Technologies for Web-Based Information Systems" NLDB 2009, International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, Saarbruecken, 25 June 2009.

"Hybrid Machine Translation" Translingual Europe, Prague, 15 May 2009.

"The role of linguistics in computational linguistics" Invited Talk at the EACL 2009 Workshop on the Interaction of Linguistics and Computational Linguistics, Athens, 30 March 2009

"A new type of language resources for machine translation", FLARENET Launching Event ,Vienna, 13 February 2009. "Recent Progress in Machine Translation" Language Technology Days, Luxembourg, 14 January 2009.




"Where Understanding Meets Learning: Getting at Some Meaning in Text" Workshop of the Cluster of Excellence MMCI in Saarbrücken, 12 November 2008.

"Ideen an den Markt - Vom Forschungsresultat zum Geschäftsmodell" at EXIST 08, the Entrepeneur Congress of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology in Berlin, 30. September 2008.

Keynote Lecture "Getting at the Meaning of Texts" at ESTC 2008 (European Semantic Technologies Conference) in Vienna 24 September 2008.

"How Technologies will affect Consumer Behavior in 2018" at Conference Digitalized Globe of Allianz AG in Munich on 23 September 2008.

Keynote Lecture at the Award Ceremony for the German Multimedia Prize at IFA Trade Fair, 1 September 2008.

Keynote Lecture "Human Language Technologies - Some Trends and Predictions" at STEVIN-IMIX Conference in Rotterdam 26. Juni 2008.

Panel Moderation "Language Processing in Tomorrow's Search Technologies" at LangTech 2008 in Rome, 29 February 2008.




"Events, Opinions, Connections - Identifying Complex Relations in Large Volumes of Text", empolis exchange conference, Berlin, 23 November 2007.

Keynote Lecture "Methods and Applications for Relation Detection" Third IEEE International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Engineering, Beijing, 31 September 2007.

Panel Moderation "The Prospects of MT Today" MT Summit, 14 September Copenhagen, 2007 

"Emerging Mechanisms for Personal and Collective Decision Making", International Conference "Digitalized Globe 2017" of the Allianz AG, Munich, 11 September 2007.

"Potentials and Limitations of minimally supervised bootstrapping in IE", Solomon Seminar, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana 5 October 2007

 "guided by opinion - powered by emotion: Meinung und Emotion in der Sprache des Kunden" Saarbrücker Kreis 22 March 2007

"Das Deutsche Kompentenzzentrum für Sprachtechnologie" Forum Sprache, Wiesbaden, 21 March 2007

"Auf den Höhen des Olymp: COMPASS 2008 - Multilinguale mobile Informationsdienste für die olympischen Spiele in Beijing" CeBIT Future Talk Series, Hannover, 19 March 2007

"Wissensbasiertes Social Computing: dropping knowledge" CeBIT Future Talk Series, Hannover, 16 March 2007

"Bootstrapping Relation Extraction Grammars from Semantic Seeds" with Feiyu Xu, Tokyo Forum on Advanced NLP and Text Mining, Tokyo 13 March 2007

"Community Platforms - Finding Experts and Organising Networks" LEARNTEC, Karlsruhe, 14 February 2007

Keynote Lecture "Knowledge building for Norwegian language technology – an international perspective" Kunsti Conference, Oslo, 8 February 2007




"Mobile Multilinguale Informationssysteme" Workshop Sonder-Workshop "Integrierte Sprachsysteme und Next Generation Systems" VOICE Days, Bonn, 19 October 2006

Panel Moderation  "Strategic Directions in National and International Funding"  LREC 2006 Genova, 26 May 2006

Keynote Lecture: "Language Technologies for Processing Technocal Documentation" acrolinx user days, 19 May 2006

“Tief annotierte linguistische Daten: Korpora, introspektive Beispiele und Ontologien", Annual Meeting of IDS Mannheim, 16 March 2006

"Crosslingual Technology in Mobile Information Systems and New Developments in MT", University of Hamburg, 1 March 2006

"New Approaches in Machine Translation", Workshop “Machine Translation and Human Language Technologies” at the European Commission in Luxembourg, 23 February 2006




Keynote Lecture: Language Technology for Ubiquitous Computing, International Symposium for Ubiquitous Computing. Kyoto, 29 November 2005

NLP Research at DFKI and Trends in the Field. Workshop on International Cooperation in Language Processing. Beijing, 3 November 2005.

Keynote Lecture: Shallow NLP, Deep NLP and Domain Ontologies. IEEE International Conference NLP-KE 05, Wuhan, 2 November 2005

"Hybrid Processing in Multilingual Applications" Language Processing Seminar at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, 20 September 2005

Keynote Lecture: Workshop "Semantic Web and Machine Translation" at the Machine Translation Summit X, Phuket, Thailand, 12 September 2005

"Overview of Deep and Hybrid Language Processing" at DELPHIN Workshop, Lisbon, 18 August 2005

"Machine Translation and other Multilingual Applications" at  Science & Technology Forum on Multilingualism Luxembourg 6 June 2005

"Computational Linguistics in Europe" Symposium Language Technology at the Symposium “Computational Linguistics in Denmark - Developments and Prospects” Copenhagen, 1 June 2005

"Multilingual Information Systems and Digital Memories" at the Workshop Cognitive Technologies for the Creation, Structuring and Transfer of Knowledge, Shanghai 8 March 2008

"Language Technology for Multilingual Information Systems" at the Japanese-German Workshop on Natural Language Processing 2005, Dresden 25 February 2005




"Hybrid IE for the Weaving of Digital Memories"  Tech Talk at Google Labs Mountain View 21 December 2005

"Language and Cognition" Tutorial At the EU Cognitive Systems Meeting Bled Slowenia, 29 October 2004

"On the State of the Art in Language and Communication Technology" Tutorial at the University of Bolzano 18 October 2004

"Grand Application Challenges for Hybrid NLP" at the Deep Thought Roadmap Workshop 7 October 2004 in Lido di Camaiore

"Introduction on the Current State of Linguistically Interpreted Corpora" 5th International Workshop on "Linguistically Interpreted Corpora" at COLING 2004 Geneva 29 August 2004

"Multilinguality and Translation in Information Technology and Knowledge Management" at the Colloquium Translation, Linguistics and Technology Saarbrücken 16 June 2004

Panel Moderation  "Strategic Direction on National and International Funding"  LREC 2004 Lisbon, 28 May 2004.

Keynote Lecture   "Ontology-based knowledge management and transfer in computational linguistics" Workshop on Language Resources: Integration and Development in E-learning andComputational Linguistic at LREC 2004, Lisbon, 24 May 2004

Keynote Lecture "Modern Multilingual and Cross-lingual Information Access Technologies"   with Feiyu Xu, Forum on Multilingual Information Service System for the Beijing 2008 OlympicsBeijing, May 21, 2004

"Language Technology at the DFKI LT Lab - Information Extraction and Crosslingual Retrieval", with Feiyu Xu, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 29 April 2004

"Multilingual Information Services for the Olympic Games", 2nd EU-China Workshop on Digital Olympics, Beijing, 28 April 2004

Keynote Lecture "Language Technology for E-Memory Applications", International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing IJCNLP 2004, Sanya, China, 24 March 2004

"NLP Technology for Intelligent  Multilingual Information Services", Presentation on the Panel "NLP  Technology for Intelligent Services" at IJCNLP 2004, Sanya, China, 24 March 2004.

 "Combining Deep and Shallow Processing" Linguistics Colloquium at University Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, 29 January 2004




"Language Technologies for Associative Memories and Semantic Web" LangTech 2004, Paris 24 November 2003

"From Lab to Market", Workshop on Language and Communication Technology Trento •  17 October 2003

"Education in a Transdiscipline", Workshop on Language and Communication Technology Trento •  17 October 2003

"Hyperlinking for Weaving Digital Cultural Memories", Lund Technology Days of the International Initiative European Cultural Heritage Online, Lund, 18 September 2003

Keynote Lecture "Language Technology for Digital Memories", Conference "Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing", RANLP 2003, Borovets, 11 September 2003

"Digitale Gedächtnisse: Konzepte, Methoden, Anwendungen", Berliner Bibliothekswissenschaftliches Kolloquium, Humboldt Universität, Berlin, 15 July 2003

"The Role of Linguistics for the Future of Natural Language Processing" Workshop "Leitlinien für die Heidelberger Computerlinguistik",  Universität Heidelberg, 20 June 2003

"A Transatlantic Cooperation in Crosslingual Information Retrieval"  International Symposion on Medical Informatics "Pioneers and MuchMore", University of Frankfurt, 16 May 2003

Keynote Lecture "Hybrid Methods for Language Processing", Annual Conference of the Association for Natural Language Processing of Japan, Yokohama, 20 March 2003

"Research and Services of the German Competence Center for Language Technology", International  Symposium "Uniquitous Networked Media Computing", Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Nara, 18 March 2003

"European Web of Culture, History and Science" (with Jürgen Renn), Workshop "Mapping the Future", Organized by the Unit for Preservation and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage, Luxembourg, 28 Januar 2003

"Hybride Methoden in der Computerlinguistik", Wissenschaftliches Symposion Computerlinguistik, Bonn, 15 January 2003



"Shallow and Deep Processing", Center for Sprogteknologi, Copenhagen, 27 November 2002

Keynote Lecture "Shallow and Deep Processing in Language Technology",  Aslib Conference "Translating and the Computer 24", London, 21 November 2002

"The Evolution of Language Technology",  LISA Forum Europe 2002 (Localization Industry Standards Association), Heidelberg, 6 November 2002

"Embedded Language Technology",  Workshop "Beyond Language Technology" at the IST 2002 Conference,  Copenhagen, 5 November 2002

"Impossibilities Creatively Combined - New Forms of Scientific Collaboration",  Norwegian National Language Technology Conference, Bergen 25 October 2002

"The Virtual Information Center  LT-World", NorDokNet Meeting, Göteborg, 21 October 2002

Keynote Lecture "Combining Deep and Shallow Processing", International Workshop "Treebanks and Linguistic Theories" 20 September 2002, Sozopol, Bulgaria

"Area Report Information Retrieval and Information Extraction", Workshop "Towards a Roadmap for Computational Linguistics" at COLING 2002, Taipei, Taiwan,  31 August 2002

"The ELSNET Roadmap Initiative", Workshop "Towards a Roadmap for Computational Linguistics" at COLING 2002, Taipei, Taiwan,  31 August 2002

"The Semantic Web – A Chellenge for Language Technology"  Panel Presentation and Moderation at COLING 2002, Taipei, Taiwan,  30 August 2002

Keynote Lecture "New Chances for Deep Linguistic Processing", COLING 2002, Taipei, Taiwan,  26 August 2002

"Future Directions in Interactivity", Workshop "Future Directions in Interactivity, Content and Knowledge" organized by the European Commission, Luxembourg, 27 June 2002

Keynote Lecture "Language Technologies for Knowledge Applications", PorTAL 2002, Faro Portugal, 23 June 2002

"Language Technology for Knowledge Management", Euroscript Workshop "Megatrends in Language-Competent Web-Services". Luxembourg, 5 June 2002

"Können Maschinen verstehen, was Kunden wünschen? Sprachtechnologie im Call Center", CallCenterWorld 2002, Berlin, 28 March 2002

"Ein integrierter Ansatz zur datenorientierten Sprachforschung und -technologie", Kolloquium Korpusannotierung/Linguistische Datenbanken, Institut für Dolmetschen und Übersetzen, Universität des Saarlandes, 15 February 2002

"Sprachtechnologie für das Wissensmanagement", Linguistisches Kolloquium, Universität München, 30 January 2002

"Wie weich ist die Grammatik?, Jahrestagung des Verbands Deutschsprachiger Übersetzer, Bensberg, 25 January 2002



"Language Technology for Knowledge Management", Saperion Technology Days, Berlin, 23 November 2001

Keynote Lecture "Design and Exploitation of a Treebank of German", Workshop LINC 2002 at the 34th Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, 29 September 2001, Leuven

Keynote Lecture "Language Technology for the Knowledge Society" Opening Ceremony for the Swedish National Graduate School in Language Technology, 13 September 2001, Göteborg

Keynote Lecture "Crosslingual Language Technologies for Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Sharing", Workshop "Human Language Technology and Knowledge Management" at ACL 2001 Toulouse, 6 July 2001

Keynote Lecture "A Virtual Information Center for Language Technology", Workshop "Resources and Tools" at ACL 2001 Toulouse, 7 July 2001

"Datenorientierte Performanzmodellierung und die Erklärung syntaktischer Phänome" , Informatik-Kolloquium der Universität Hamburg, 25 June 2001

"Language Technology for Knowledge Management", KNOWLEDGE 2001 Summit, Versailles, 11 June 2001

"Technological Aspects of a Digital Cultural Memory", Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin, June 2001

"Language Technologies and Knowledge Technologies", Consultation Meeting "Knowledge Technologies" of the European Commission, Brussels, May 2001,

"Crosslingual Knowledge Managament and CLASSiks", Workshop of the CLASSiks Workshop, Madrid, 4 May 2001

"Progress in Deep Linguistic Parsing", Institute for Problems of Information Transmission, Russian Academy of the Sciences, Moscow, 20 April 2001

"Language and Knowledge Technology", Workshop Chinese Language Processing Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 6 April 2001

"Data-Oriented Performace Modelling", Vilem Mathesius Lectures at Charles University Prague, 25 u. 26 March 2001

"Extraposition, Center-Self Embedding and Verb-Clusters in German", Colloquium Verb Clusters in German and Dutch, Max Planck Institut for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, 3 January 2001



"Was ist heute möglich? Zum Stand der Sprachtechnologie" EUROMAP Infotag, Berlin, 15. December 2000

"Challenges and Opportunities for Language Technology", Language Technology Roadmap 2010, Katwijk, 23. November 2000

"Language Technology for Knowledge Management", Lecture at the Division of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, 3 November 2000.

"Wirtschaftsnahe Forschung in den Projekten MIETTA und ICC", Saarlandtag 2000, Thementag Forschung und Wirtschaft, Schloß Dagstuhl, 22. August 2000

"Cross-Lingual Knowledge Management"; Panel "Current Issues and Future Direction in Knowledge Management and Translation Technologies" COLING 2000, Saarbrücken; 3. August 2000

"Language Technology for Knowledge Management", International Symposium "Computational Linguistics for the New Millennium: Divergence or Synergy?" at the International Science Forum (IWH) of the Ruprecht-Karl-University Heidelberg, 21-22 July, 2000.

"Language Technology for Knowledge Management", Japanese-German Workshop Computational Linguistics, Yokohama, 26. May 2000.

"MIETTA und ICC", Elisabeth Selbert Akademie, 13. April 2000

"Syntaktische Verarbeitung in Mensch und Maschine", Tagung "Adaptivität und Autonomie", Kloster Seeon, 2. März 2000



"Linguistisch Interpretierte Sprachdaten" Informatik-Kolloquium der Universität Leipzig, 25. November 1999

"Interpreted Linguistic Data for Performance Modelling" Linguistics Forum on Corpus Linguistics, Universität Oslo, 10. November 1999

"Sprachtechnologie für das Information Management"; IZO Telekom; 03.05.1999

"Language Technology in Crosslingual Information Management"; Panel "Language Technology on the Web" WWW Conference, Toronto; 11. Mai 99

"XML und Informationsmanagement" Kundensymposium der Lufthansa Systems; Hamburg 29 Mai 1999

"Language Technology for Information Management"; Workshop on Chinese Language Processing Shanghai; 24. Apr 99

Keynote Lecture "Language Technology in Germany"; Tagung Sprachtechnologie Lissabon; 17. Apr 99

"Zu einem interdisziplinären Institut für Evolutionswissenschaft" Seminar Evolutionswissenschaft Berlin; 9. April 1999

"Soft Constraints in Syntax" CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, New York; 20. März 99

"Sprache und Sprachtechnologie bei der Strukturierung digitalen Wissens" Jahrestagung des IDS, Mannheim; 18. März 99

"Zur Distribution extraponierter Relativsätze" DGfS-Jahrestagung, Konstanz; 26. Feb 99



"Crosslingual Information Retrieval" 14th Twente Workshop on Language Technology "Language Technology in Multimedia Information Retrieval", Twente, Niederlande, December 7-8 1998

"German Relative Clause Extraposition", ESSLLI-98, Saarbrücken; Aug 98

"Multilingual Navigation on the World Wide Web" JSPS-Hitachi Workshop, Tokyo; 26.Mai 1998

Keynote Lecture "MultilingualitSt und MultimedialitSt: Herausforderungen für die Linguistik", Kolloquium "Beitrag der Geisteswissenschaften zu Innovationen" Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn, 23. Juli 1998

"Language Technology for Crosslingual Knowledge Management", Forum Future of Language Technology, EU GD XIII, Luxemburg, 19.März 1998 

"Integration von generischen und spezialisierten Softwarekomponenten für das reproduktionsmedizinische Zentrum", Workshop "EDV in Gynäkologischer Endokrinologie und Fortpflanzungsmedizin" Jahrestagung der Deutschen IVF Gruppen in Bonn 30. April 1998

"Sprachtechnologien für das World Wide Web", Forschungsforum Treffpunkt 22, CeBIT Hannover; 25. March 1998

Keynote Lecture "An Integrated Approach to Performance Modelling", Second Workshop on Lexical Semantic Systems, Pisa, 7. April 1998

"Die Rolle der Sprachwissenschaft und Sprachtechnologie bei der Wissensstrukturierung" Fachgespräch "Innovation aus den Geisteswissenschaften" Fraunhofer Institut für Innovationsforschung ISI Karlsruhe, 30. April 1998

"Lösungen und offene Probleme in der Modellierung der menschlichen Sprachfähigkeit auf dem Computer"

3. Symposium der Deutschen Akademien der Wissenschaften "Werkzeug Sprache", Leipzig, 22. January 1998

"Multilingual Internet Services" Telematics Applications Conference Barcelona, 6. Januar 1998

"An Integrated Approach to Performance Modelling"; Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University; 05. January 1998



"Sprachtechnologie in der Informationsgesellschaft"; Universität Bremen; 11.12.1997

Keynote Lecture Konferenz "Sprache ohne Grenzen", München; 04.11.1997

"Focus Areas of Language Technology Research in Germany"; French National Seminar on Language Technology, Paris; 02.10.1997

"Linguistically interpreted corpora"; EUROLAN-Sommerschule, Tusnad, RumSnien; Jul 97

Keynote Lecture "Reference Data and Grammar Engineering" Workshop "Computational Environments for Grammar Development and Linguistic Engineering " der ACL-97, Madrid; 13. Juli 1997

"Interpretierte Korpora"; Universität Stuttgart; 30.05.1997

Laudatio zur Emeritierung Prof. Helmut Schnelle; Universität Bochum; 18.04.1997

"Lexical Semantics and the WWW"; Symposium "Lexikalische Semantik und Computerlinguistik", Berlin, 4.April 1997

"Linguistische Daten"; Universität Potsdam; 21.02.1997

"Multilingual Information Retrieval on the World Wide Web"; Concertation Meeting des Language Engineering Programs, Luxemburg; 25.02.1997



"Language-Enhanced Access to the World Wide Web" First Annual Concertation Meeting of the Telematics Applications Programme, 3. Dezember 1996

"Scales of Grammaticality: The Case of Word Order"; Workshop "Formale Modelle Kognitiver Komplexität", Potsdam, 7.11.1996

"Multilingual Language Technology"; Panel "Language Technology in the Year 2020", CMU, Pittsburgh; 08.10.1996

"Neue Strategien der Performanzmodellierung"; GLDV Herbstschule, Magdeburg; 24.09.1996

"Multilingual Grammar Engineering"; Workshop "Grammar Engineering", Prag; 17.08.1996

"Performance Modelling"; ACM Summer School in Belis Fintenele, Rumänien; 25.07.1996

ãGrammar Engineering" Königlich Technische Hochschule; 02./03.06.96

"Computational Linguistics between Engineering and Cognitive Science"; Workshop "Language Generation", Shanghai; 26.06.1996

"A Performance-Oriented Dependency Grammar"; International Conference on Prague School Linguistics, 30.03.1996

"Berechenbarkeit bei der Sprachverarbeitung"; Symposium "Berechenbarkeit, Sprache & Kognition", Jena; 16./17.01.96



"Resusable Grammatical Ressources", Language Engineering Convention, London 17. Oktober 1995

Keynote Lecture "Die Rolle von Ressourcenbeschränkungen für grammatische Kompetenz und Performanz"; Jahrestagung der Sektion CL der DGfS, Düsseldorf; 5. Okt 95

"Wortstellung im deutschen Mittelfeld" Vortrag beim Abschlu§kolloquium; SPP "Kognitive Linguistik", Univ. Freiburg; 15./16.06.95

"Reusability in RGR" Workshop "Re-usable Grammatical Resources"; South Ferry, Schottland; Apr 95

Keynote Lecture "Grammar Formalisms"; Conference "Computational Logic for Natural Language Processing" CLNLP, South Ferry, Schottland, 4. Apr 95

"Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung"; Pädagogisches Zentrum des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken; Jan 95

"Typology of Linguistic Resources"; Foundational Convention of ELRA, Paris; Jan 95



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